Find out the endless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence for SMEs with Digital Factory 4.0 and R

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31st August 2020 - We are pleased to announce that Digital Factory 4.0, the best solution for SMEs is even more versatile. Thanks to the integration with R, the most used data analysis and Machine Learning software in the whole world, now Digital Factory 4.0 is able to use R's power to solve your questions.

Digital Factory 4.0 is the most complete solution available on the market that collects and analyzes production plant data in real-time. Many companies choose Digital Factory 4.0 because it is very easy to use and to combine with the company software allowing to consult all the data in the simplest and most intuitive way.

R is the most widely used high-performance mathematical calculation tool. It contains many algorithms and solutions for artificial intelligence. Researchers, universities and research centers around the world use R to analyze data quickly and reliably.

TOOLS for SMART MINDS creates solutions for SMEs and designs analysis algorithms for production optimization, smart monitoring and predictive maintenance. Our team has great experience supporting entrepreneurs to realize their successful projects. Discover the experiences of people who relied on our expertise at

Thanks to the R language integration, with Digital Factory 4.0 you can:


  • Control the product quality with unparalleled accuracy
  • Anticipate problems with predictive maintenance techniques
  • Get the visual representation of changes over time
  • Find out the causes of downtime, waste and defective parts
  • Make decisions based on objective data
  • Schedule production as efficiently as possible
  • Become more and more competitive and win the challenges of today and tomorrow


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