Are you looking for a tool that allows you to optimally manage alarms?

Are you looking for a tool that allows you to optimally manage alarms?


Introducing Digital Factory 4.0 Alarms, the perfect tool for SMEs looking for a solution to control and manage alarms in the best way, saving time and resources.


3 Reasons why Alarms is the smartest choice for SMEs of any size:


► Improved management and greater efficiency:

It shows in a single panel all the alarms with the necessary information, in order to have optimal management of their resolution. It allows the coordination of maintenance workers, and shows all the information of the alarm, taking charge and resolution.


► Immediate knowledge at all times:

With alerts to managers or maintainers via siren, email or automatic phone calls, you are sure to know immediately if something is wrong, to act promptly at all times, even outside of working hours.


► Total control:

From the office panel, you can monitor in real-time the maintainers who have taken charge of the alarms, the start and end time, and the final notes on the resolution.


→ See how Alarms can improve alarm management in your company. Request a free demo with one of our technicians.


Info about Alarms:



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