Renewed Interface

Interfaccia rinnovata

With the intuitive and renewed interface of Digital Factory 4.0 you can control in detail the production process of your machines by promptly monitoring what is happening in your company.

Discover the New Digital Factory 4.0

The tool for companies that want to know the status of the plant and production in real-time.
Digital Factory 4.0 offers you all the tools to make strategic decisions and increase market competitiveness.


What Digital Factory 4.0 Does for You: 

  • Digital Factory 4.0 allows you complete freedom of configuration and data visualization.
  • Digital Factory 4.0 adapts to your needs: possibility to customize the interface in an intuitive and simple way.
  • Customizable charts and indicators that allow a detailed understanding of the data.
  • Digital Factory 4.0 allows you to know the objective costs of each order and machinery.
  • Multiple panels with different configurations: it shows the data in different ways according to the company roles.
  • Very little training required thanks to clear and intuitive numbers and tables.
  • Representation of the states of a machine also through its color, which are updated in real-time.


Digital Factory 4.0 Charts and Indicators


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