Everybody is talking about Smart Working, while we would like to talk about Smart Monitoring

Stay updated on your company even on holidays
       Written by Anastasiia Loboiko

Smart Working has been existing for a long time now and is being applied quite successfully in the industry. Many Italian SMEs have already adopted some techniques and solutions both to keep up with the times and to handle the COVID situation.


At TOOLS for SMART MINDS, we have always worked alongside companies and, like no other, we understand all the needs and problems that entrepreneurs are facing during this period.

And while the owners and management staff take care of the workflow organization, Tools for Smart Minds do everything possible to support them in managing and monitoring the production process.


Smart Monitoring

Even though it's August and the holidays are just around the corner, we know that an owner or a production manager never really leaves work, especially if the company goes on even when they are away. Continuous updates require hours of calls, tons of emails, and consequently zero rest. The most disappointing thing is that, in the end, you run the risk of not understanding anything at all and blow an entire vacation.

To make monitoring as easy and efficient as possible, choose the solution that allows you to keep everything under control even from the beach: all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi connection. 

The Digital Factory 4.0 platform allows you to keep up to date with production progress and discover in detail malfunctions or downtimes in just a few clicks.  We developed an incredibly simple and intuitive solution that provides all the information in a few clicks: it's like checking your social profile, but with more efficiency.


How does it work?

  • It perfectly integrates with your MES or other manufacturing management software and data collection system.
  • Digital Factory 4.0 features an integrated system for notifications even out of working hours, via SMS, e-mail, automatic service calls.
  • It is equipped with a visual panel with all your machinery to monitor their real-time status, recipes, and modifications.
  • Visualize only the most relevant information for you: produced and rejected items, OEE, alarms, history, order progress, and much more.
  • No complex tables to consult, Digital Factory 4.0 gives you a clear and simple view of your production line through clearly visible graphs and indicators.


Enjoy your vacation, let Digital Factory 4.0 do the hard work!



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