More productivity. Less waste.

More productivity. Less waste.
       Written by Luisa Caramatti

Make your machinery even more efficient thanks to Digital Factory 4.0, the software that allows you to increase the productivity of your company and reduce waste.

Thanks to the predictive maintenance of Digital Factory 4.0, you can know in real-time the status of the production and of your machinery in detail.


Long-lasting benefits of predictive maintenance:

  • Early identification of the conformity of the pieces produced: Digital Factory 4.0 reduces the high production wastes of non-conforming parts showing in detail the processing parameters.

  • Reduction of maintenance costs with the timely identification of machinery problems: by monitoring your company with Digital Factory 4.0, you always receive real-time notifications on the status of your machinery and can schedule production plant maintenance during break times.

  • Thanks to Artificial Intelligence of Digital Factory 4.0 you can improve the production process without sacrificing the quality of the pieces produced.

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