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Two mistakes that entrepreneurs must not make to get out of the crisis

       Written by Claudio Vivante

In these difficult months in which it is hard for every company to plan its strategies and think clearly about the future that awaits us, let's reflect about some thoughts of the famous statesman and lecturer EDWARDS DEMING on how best to manage companies in times of crisis.

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Everybody is talking about Smart Working, while we would like to talk about Smart Monitoring

       Written by Anastasiia Loboiko

Smart Working has been existing for a long time now and is being applied quite successfully in the industry. Many Italian SMEs have already adopted some techniques and solutions both to keep up with the times and to handle the COVID situation.

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Efficiency of production plants: how to track, manage and resolve micro-stops

       Written by Claudio Vivante

In this article the impact of micro-stops on machinery efficiency and product quality is analyzed. The main causes of micro-stops and possible techniques to reduce them are listed.

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More productivity. Less waste.

       Written by Luisa Caramatti

Make your machinery even more efficient thanks to Digital Factory 4.0, the software that allows you to increase the productivity of your company and reduce waste.

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What are the main industrial protocols for the monitoring of plants?

       Written by Andrea Cadei

Today many insiders talk about the interconnection of industrial machinery with software and platforms for the management, monitoring and control of plants, but what exactly do they refer to?

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