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Available as part of the Digital Factory Suite 4.0, our Frontend images and Alarms configuration tool allows you to easily configure all the machines and alarms in the factory.

Digital Factory 4.0 Configurator offers a range of tools and intuitive wizards to configure the entire factory including display areas, machine locations, colors for machine states, and more.


Advantages of a configuration tool

You have everything under control. It only takes a few clicks to make all the configurations at will, the result in Digital Factory 4.0 Frontend is immediate.

You can save time, if:

  • You are configuring new machinery for the first time
  • You want to add new alarms
  • The status of existing machinery is being updated
  • Configuration is being modified to meet changing business needs

Configurator Interface


Factory Digital 4.0 offers a suite of tools to monitor the entire factory even across multiple locations, including alarms, process and production data, predictive maintenance controls, Artificial Intelligence to optimize global configurations, real-time data dashboards and advanced analysis, and much more. Everything with one goal: to help companies achieve high-quality standards with the best performance.

Configurator is a software fully integrated with the entire suite of Digital Factory 4.0, contact us for more information.



Fabbrica Digitale 4.0 Configurator Guida Utente

User Guide of Digital Factory 4.0 Configurator


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