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Calendar is a key tool to optimize the data collected and alarm management in production facilities. With Calendar, you can create a customized business schedule that can mark business closing days and times, and, from Alarms, take specific action according to the severity of the alarm and availability of personnel within or outside the company.

Activation of actions during or out of business hours makes it possible to make reporting of anomalies more effective. For example, the activation of a siren for an electrical failure may not be effective if the company is closed, while sending an e-mail or a call allows the installation to be monitored even from other away locations when there is no personnel in the company.


Alarms notify alarms differently depending on working hours: for example, if no one is in the company, it will be useful to send notifications on the mobile phone or activate automatic telephone dialers instead of triggering an internal alarm.


Industrial Areas of Application

All industries that need monitoring and action on the basis of rules also dictated by working hours, especially those where lack of timely intervention could lead to high costs.

For example, the food industry, where even a drop in temperature in a refrigerated room during non-working hours could lead to food deterioration.


Factory Digital 4.0 offers a suite of tools to monitor the entire factory even across multiple locations, including alarms, process and production data, predictive maintenance controls, Artificial Intelligence to optimize global configurations, real-time data dashboards and advanced analysis, and much more. Everything with one goal: to help companies achieve high-quality standards with the best performance.


Calendar is a software fully integrated with the entire suite of Digital Factory 4.0, contact us for more information.


Guida Utente Fabbrica Digitale 4.0 Calendar

User Guide of Digital Factory 4.0 Calendar

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