Integrate data from factories and use it as a starting point for new strategies


Digital Factory 4.0 allows you to integrate the data of the factories to be the starting point for new strategies, new simplifications of work, to speed up the digitalization of the production process and to become a Smart Factory right away.


Example of a die-casting department with two machining cells fully monitored by Digital Factory 4.0


  • Digital Factory 4.0 is the dedicated and specific solution for production plants that want to connect all the machines in the factory or several plants. It is the software for data visualization and analysis that natively integrates Artificial Intelligence.
  • It allows you to see in real-time the efficiency of the production line to act accordingly.
  • It allows traceability of information
  • It allows you to measure the objective costs of each order and machine, through a simple and intuitive interface and clear charts with information in real-time.


Two-way communication facilitated by Digital Factory 4.0

  • Digital Factory 4.0 receives and sends data and information from all machines connected via iDaq (data collection software by TOOLS for SMART MINDS), and also communicates with project management software, MES and ERP for the management of production orders (it meets the requirements for depreciation for Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan).
  • It is able to save all data collected for long-term analysis, on any platform and also on the Cloud to allow multiple analysis, data mining and traceability.
  • The integrated Artificial Intelligence automatically learns the operating conditions to implement machine learning with different models to measure process drift and allow the predictive analysis of failures, unscheduled downtimes and malfunctions. Predicting the behavior of the industrial plant in advance is a crucial factor in optimizing costs and reducing machine downtime.
  • It manages alarms even after working hours and implements automated actions: for example, switching on lights, sirens, automatic phone dialers, sending text messages and emails. Customized working hours can be configured according to operators' shifts, holidays and closing days of the company.



The advantages of using Digital Factory


  • Easy to use: everyone can monitor machinery and production progress;
  • Multiple panels with different configurations: it shows the same data differently to different company roles;
  • Real-time efficiency: it allows you to control what is happening on the production line at any time;
  • Connection even from heterogeneous machinery: it allows you to have a single scalable software for the entire production plant;
  • Objective and measured data collected directly from the field and aggregated to be useful;
  • Complete traceability of the production process: also of the production parameters and recipes;
  • Automatic actions and customized events on the basis of different conditions: for example, switching on lights, sirens, telephone dialers;
  • Paper reduction from the production process: important information is transferred automatically, also reducing the time required to consult information and manual errors.


Strumenti Intelligenti per il controllo della produzione




1. Compliance with legal requirements for the Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan

  • Bidirectional data exchange with management software for batches and machinery;
  • Automation of operations and reduction of paper passage between offices and workshop;
  • Measurement of the number of pieces produced, cycle time and all production and process data.



  • Customizable charts and indicators that allow immediate understanding;
  • Machines represented with colors according to their status and windows with further details;
  • Minimum training required thanks to clear and intuitive numbers and tables.



  • Pre-built models internally or in connection with Cloud and other platforms;
  • Simultaneous data analysis as it is collected, for each machine and each plant;
  • Integration for machine learning and visualization from all data sources.





Reporting unusual problems.

Broken or disconnected Sensors, machine operation not verifiable through preset thresholds.

Predictive analysis (predicting faults or malfunctions in advance).

Control of bottlenecks in conveyor belts to monitor the line.

Help with configuration and repair procedures.

Error identification and solution proposal based on the alarm sequence.

Reducing development time and energy.

Training systems that observe the behavior of an expert.

Optimization of production processes.

Reduce the energy consumption of the system through adjustments to all machines at the same time.

Extraction of information.

Prediction of the quality of the parts produced by a lathe.



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User Guide of Digital Factory 4.0

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